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About Us

The Czech Republic Special Operations Forces (CZE SOF) are an independent branch of the Czech Armed Forces (CAF) under the direct command of the Chief of the General Staff of the CAF.

The top body of the CZE SOF is the Ministry of Defence Special Operations Forces Directorate based in Prague, which is vested with specific authorities to provide a comprehensive command and control of the CZE SOF in all domains of their activity including their operational deployments.

The Ministry of Defence SOF Directorate (MoD SOF Dir) subordinated units are the 601st Special Forces Group of General Moravec, and the Special Operations Forces Support Centre of Colonel Josef Černota.

The 601st Special Forces Group of General Moravec (601st SFG) is a combat unit with a long-standing tradition and extensive experience from military operations. Based in Prostějov, this unit comprises the core of the CZE SOF and owns critical capabilities.

The SOF Support Centre of Colonel Josef Černota (SOF SC) is located in Olomouc. This unit provides lethal and non-lethal combat support capabilities for all main activities of the Czech Republic Special Operations Forces.